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June 17, 2019

Latest company news about engraved

Before the western zhou dynasty, ancient people divided the day and night into 100 carvings and carved 100 grids on the shaft of clepsyops. In modern time, a minute equals 14 minutes and 24 seconds. The "100 percent system" is the oldest and longest-running timekeeping system in China.
When it came to the han dynasty, the method of timing the sun's position by measuring the length of the sun's projection with the guimeter was adopted at the same time. The table is composed of two parts: one is upright on the ground to measure the shadow of the post or stone column, called the table; One is the north and south direction flat to determine the length of the surface shadow rigid, called guisui. Since the shadow can be measured by the length unit, so there is the saying "an inch of time an inch of gold". Each position of the sun measured by the gnomon gradually acquired a fixed name, and this was the origin of the hour. In the sui and tang dynasties, "solar azimuth timing" officially evolved into "twelve hour timing". The combination of "one hundred percent system" and "twelve hour timing" made the ancient Chinese timing system more and more perfect.
At the end of Ming dynasty and the beginning of qing dynasty, western mechanical clocks were introduced into China. Because the system cannot be divisible with the twelve hours, it is not easy to calculate, and has been changed to 96 times, 108 times and 120 times. It wasn't until the qing dynasty that it was officially stipulated that a day and night was 96 carvings, with eight carvings per hour, divided into upper and lower four carvings.
Chinese classical novels always have "the noon three hour drive to cut", such as "journey to the west" nine back: "said Wei Zheng prime minister in the house, night view dry like, are 萟 treasure, only smell crane Li, nine days bad fairy allow, holds the jade emperor Jin Zhi, along with his three time, noon dream many old dragon." At three quarters of noon, according to the time-keeping method, it was fifteen minutes to twelve noon. According to yin-yang scholars, Yang qi is at its peak at this time, while modern astronomy believes that noon is at its peak. Noon three time is the time of the ancient heavy criminal line behead punishment, at this time the operation ask behead, Yang gas is the most sheng, the Yin gas after the death of the person will dissipate immediately, the criminal who commits a heinous crime, be beheaded "even ghost all can not do", to show severe punishment. Lesser crimes, can be cut at noon, let its ghost do. So, "three minutes at noon, the dream cut jinghe old dragon", to show that the old dragon crime is very serious.

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