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The origin of brahmanism

June 17, 2019

Latest company case about The origin of brahmanism

The origin of brahmanism can be traced back to the Indus civilization in 5000 BC. Brahmanism holds that all things have the highest entity -- brahman, and the supreme state of practitioners is "unity of brahman and me", which is similar to the practice of meditation in Indian Buddhism.
Yoga, written in Sanskrit, is very difficult to translate. There are dozens of existing English translations, but the translation methods are different, and sometimes the clauses are not the same.
The yoga sutra written by the great yoga saint patanjali is the fundamental sutra of yoga school
Canon. The scriptures contain the profound statements of the great masters of ancient India on the sacred, the human, the self, the materialist, the physical, the spiritual, the Sanskrit language in almost every sphere. Yoga sutra guides yogis to complete their spiritual journey. The book is full of exploration of the physical and mental world and tells people the most fundamental morality. All the wisdom in the book cannot be fully explained by later generations. The thought of yoga sutra is reflected everywhere in the life of yogis.

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