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Such stories set us thinking

June 17, 2019

Latest company case about Such stories set us thinking

In ancient times, time meant time. Time is divided according to the motion of matter, not inherently, there is no time in the universe. The movement of matter takes time,
But if we do not separate "time" into two parts, our mind will not be able to recognize "time". The reason why we can think is that our mind can name the material world. "Time", which has not been divided, cannot be named or distinguished. Only when it is divided into "time" can it be used by thinking, because it can be named. For example, we divide the movement of the earth around the sun into a year, and the rotation of the earth once into a day. Such division is convenient for thinking to calculate with numerical symbols. If you do not live on earth, you will never be divided by the motion of the earth. Therefore, time is just a division of the movement of matter for the convenience of thinking about the universe. It is a rule made by man, not a natural rule. It is artificial division between, how cent can be.
Time is an objective existence. The concept of time is the result of human understanding, induction and description of nature. In ancient China, its original meaning refers to the change of seasons or the reincarnation of the position of the sun on the ecliptic. "Tube · mountain weight" says: when, so remember the year also. With the deepening of the understanding, the concept of time covers all the visible and invisible movements. Mencius zhang shu notes: "when it is said that the five elements are solitary and empty." Visible time is used to describe the uniform property of all motion process, this is the connotation of time. Since the problems studied by ancient people were basically macro, rough and slow, they only paid attention to the problem of "time". Later, the concept of "time" was added because of the need to study fast and transient objects. Time thus covers the continuous and instantaneous states of the motion process, and its connotation is finally enriched and perfected, and the word "time" is finally finalized.

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