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Iyengar yoga

June 17, 2019

Latest company case about Iyengar yoga

Master iyengar, 95, is the founder of iyengar yoga. Some say this system of yoga is a boon for beginners, patients, and the elderly.

Mr. Iyengar, who grew up sickly, began practicing hatha yoga as a way to strengthen his body and to reach a high level. In his mid-60s, iyengar was involved in a car accident that left him unable to perform even the simplest postures. After nine years of extraordinary perseverance and hard work, iyengar recovered. Iyengar became so aware of the pain of illness and the healing power of yoga that he created the famous, healing iyengar system. Iyengar yoga is recognized as the most attention to the practice of posture, it can coordinate the body balance, the disease treatment effect is very good.

To practice iyengar yoga, you need to pay special attention to the details of various parts of the body and be good at using various auxiliary props. The course is slow and controlled. Postural stability promotes deep breathing, and conscious concentration increases mental strength.

Suitable for: hard body, patients, postpartum recovery after surgery.

Many people recover from iyengar yoga but find it too dull if they are irritable.

Features: a variety of dazzling props are the biggest difference between iyengar yoga and traditional yoga. Many of the poses are performed with wooden blocks, benches, sandbags, blankets, pillows, and ribbons to increase the range of motion. It also reduces the complexity of many seemingly unreachable movements, thus benefiting students of different physical levels.

Note: iyengar yoga is known for its safety and slowness, which can hone a manic temperament. But as many yogis have pointed out, one of the worst effects of relying too much on equipment is to cultivate a sense of laziness and neglect one's own physical growth. Therefore, when learning this yoga system, it is necessary to explore the potential of the body as much as possible, and finally throw away the tools rather than relying on them for life.

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