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Hot yoga

June 17, 2019

Latest company case about Hot yoga

Bikram, an Indian, founded the hot yoga system in the United States, which immediately caused a sensation in the yoga world. Although the practice is considered by some classical yogis to be out of line with traditional concepts and norms, hot yoga undoubtedly has a loyal following. Hot yoga is very strict to the site and temperature requirements, practitioners to practice 26 basic posture in the high temperature environment of 38℃-42℃, basically 10 minutes after sweating. Daily hot yoga can ease problems such as hardening of the arteries, high cholesterol and abnormal blood pressure.

Hot yoga to reduce weight, detoxify, sculpture figure has very good effect, it is more popular innovation practices method.

Suitable for: people who are in good health, have no serious diseases or hidden diseases, and want to lose weight and detoxify. Heart disease, high blood pressure, serious eye and ear diseases, diabetes, recovering from serious diseases, pregnant women, sub-health people are not suitable for exercise; Cold, fever and other acute patients, serious illness or surgery soon after the beginning of the practice;

People who frequent gyms and focus on exercise are more receptive. If you rarely exercise, choose carefully. Try it out first and see if your body can handle it.

Characteristics: sweat can remove toxins from the body surface, purify the nervous system. Traditional hatha and ashtanga yoga use postures that cause the practitioner to sweat heavily, thereby eliminating waste from the body. Hot yoga hot environment instead of a lot of hard practice, ordinary people go in, even without doing any exercise will sweat. Many celebrities rely on hot yoga to lose weight, and more and more people in China are trying the yoga system.

At room temperature your muscles and tendons are stiff, but at high temperatures you will find that your body is surprisingly flexible, giving you confidence in yourself. This is also a feature of hot yoga.

Note: in case of excessive sweating, dehydration, nausea, excessive fatigue, abdominal pain and other symptoms, please stop practicing immediately and go out for ventilation. If the symptoms do not improve after a few attempts, it means that your body is not suitable for this yoga system, it is recommended to choose other.

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