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Hatha yoga

June 17, 2019

Latest company case about Hatha yoga

In the word Hatha, "ha" means the sun and "tha" means the moon. Hata represents male and female, day and night, Yin and Yang, cold and hot, soft and tough, and any other balance of opposites that complement each other.
Hatha yoga believes that the human body consists of two systems, one is the spiritual system; One is body system. Most of the ordinary mental activity of man is disorder and disorder, a waste of faculties such as fatigue, excitement, grief, excitement, and only a small part of the human body is used to sustain life.
In general, if the disorder is not serious, it can be naturally restored by rest, but without active self-control and regulation, the disorder will increasingly lead to mental and physical diseases. Postural method can break the original disturbance, eliminate the factors of body instability, stop the vicious circle of movement; Through pranayama, the barrier of the nervous system in the body is cleared. Through pongda, the energy of the body is controlled and utilized.

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