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Ashtanga yoga

June 17, 2019

Latest company case about Ashtanga yoga

Patanjali Yoga sutra in the eight branch method, is regarded as the core system of Astangha Yoga, is the oldest Yoga practice system.

Ashtanga yoga is a rigorous practice. The world's most popular practice was created by PattabbiJois, an Indian yoga teacher. Ashtanga yoga is divided into three levels: basic level, intermediate level and advanced level. The choreography of each level is fixed, starting with five solar asanas A and B, with plenty of postures in between, and ending with handstands and asanas. The purpose that exercises continuously so, depend on expending a lot of quantity of heat, in order to clean the body, eduction toxin.

Ashtanga yoga builds strength, flexibility and endurance in a balanced way. Many fitness enthusiasts in Europe and America are keen on this. In the west, this kind of yoga is also called "power yoga". Some yoga studios in China have started ashtanga yoga classes, which are popular with young people, but most of them are elementary.

Fit for: this type of yoga requires a high level of physical fitness, the posture in each level is fixed, so it requires the practitioner to be healthy and patient.

Ashtanga yoga requires the breathing style, based on the throat can make a slight voice throat breathing.

Note: this type of yoga is not suitable for beginners, the sickly, or those who have not practiced yoga for a long time. Because intensity is big, do not blindly pursue complete motion more, and ignore the bearing capacity of the body.

If you feel exhausted and short of breath, stop practicing. If you have pain in your body, it means you are over the limit. Remember to start from the beginning, from easy to slow, gradually strengthen the practice. Alternate hatha yoga with ashtanga yoga.

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