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Colorful PP Packing Box, Clear Plastic Packaging Boxes For Electronic Products

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Colorful PP Packing Box, Clear Plastic Packaging Boxes For Electronic Products

Good Quality Colorful PP Packing Box, Clear Plastic Packaging Boxes For Electronic Products Sales

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: PP Packaging Box
Certification: CE,ROHS,CECS
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Colorful PP Packing Box, Clear Plastic Packaging Boxes For Electronic Products



1,The color box packaging is make the product into commodities and sales last procedure, it is to the product containers and packaging of the structure and material of appearance design, make its sales in transportation and there is a shell of its content is-form products. We produce boxes are suitable for all kinds of high and middle on craft paper, box, sugar tobacco box, food, watches, jewelry, stationery, gifts, moon cake box, tea box, gift boxes, cosmetics boxes and mobile phone box, leather box, health care products box, shirt box, shoe, corrugated color box, fine framed box. Welcome customer calls consultation.

2,PP packing is used in both at home and abroad, most, the most widely decorate forms, its reason is generally easy to take paper materials, design and color variety, complete specifications, processing is convenient. Another reason is the carton design for easy destruction, easy recovery, and can guarantee the product quality is stable, the price is reasonable and easy to manufacture, which widely welcomed by society.

3,Be packing product performance

Is the performance of the packing of the products, mainly including product forms, appearance, strength, weight, structure, value, risk and so on, this is the first consideration should be given to the packaging.

(1) found products. Main have solid, liquid, gas, mixing, different forms, the packaging containers are different.

(2) the product appearance. The main square, a cylindrical, polygonal, abnormity and so on, the packing should be according to the characteristics of the product appearance design, small size, requirements packaging fixed in a store, steady, and conform to standardization requirements.

(3) product strength. For low strength, the product is easy to be hurt, want mature packaging protective function, in the packaging outside have the obvious mark.

(4) products weight. For a big weight of the product, we must pay special attention to the strength of the packaging, to ensure that in the circulation from being damaged.

(5) product structure. Different products, often structure is different, some don't stress, some fear of impact, etc. Only aware of product structure, can the different right packaging products.

(6) the product value. Different products, value difference is very big, the most high value should be key consideration.


4.The choice of the ways of packaging products is very important to protect, only for product performance and circulation to fully understand the conditions, formulate several proposals, the economic evaluation, to find some way of packing.

(1) choose packing materials. According to the properties of product choice to adapt to the packing materials to make container, and select the right of subsidiary packaging materials to packaging products.

(2) choose packing method. According to the requirements of the strength of the product protection, easy to use, easy to mechanical loading and unloading and transportation to choose the appropriate packaging technology and packing method.

(7) risk products. For inflammable, explosive, severely poisonous and dangerous products, to ensure safety, the packing should be outside attention and markers.

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